LBO VENTURES is a “NEW MEDIA” strategy communication and brand positioning company, we are involved in developing an audience targeting strategy for companies, individuals and institutions desirous of exposing their brands or political campaign to a targetted audience, creating followership and brand communities as well as managing an ongoing engagement with targets through a platform we will create for you.

Our process is to integrate the mobile community currently standing at over 100 million active subcribers in Nigeria and we provide you a “ONE STOP” platform that will deliver your campaigns  on mobile space of your targets , this is a very significant strategy for strong target reach. 





We have the capacity to send text messages to all mobile phone users on the four major networks (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO AND ETISALAT) within your campaign target. You can be sure that all eligible voters visiting polling stations within your campaign target would have come in contact with your direct campaign messages before the D-day.  

Text messaging is the easiest, most effective way to get the word out about you or your political party, we can help you leverage this new campaign channel to help your party’s campaign and make your candidate the political leader everyone keeps talking and reading about. Almost every text message sent is delivered and read immediately. This makes it a great campaign tool.


Since we have the GSM database of all registered voters in Nigeria which includes the Full Name, Address and Phone Number of each voter.

We can send PERSONALIZE BULK SMS to thousands/millions of people in any location of your choice.


We can send SMS to registered voter in any State, City or Local Government. That is why we are unique.


Text message campaigns are a great step to get attention for your political campaign. If you offer potential voters something of value, they won’t mind receiving messages.

  • General information about the candidate and party (Party symbols to look out for on the voting day etc.), a link or website showing party and candidate information.
  • Trivia Questions that offer a fun, unique way to get info out about your party, Announce Special Events or Candidate Speeches.
  • “Who am I?” Which involves choosing the correct candidate or political party from a list of clues.

Text messaging is undoubtedly a powerful way to directly reach a huge voting audience in the simplest of ways at the same time!

If you want us to send the text for you or your political party, below is the cost.


SMS Campaign Cost Template


Number of Campaigns (Targets)

Cost Per Unit


1,000,000 and below



1,000,001 – 5,000,000



5,000,001 – 10,000,000



10,000,001 – 20,000,000



20,000,001 – 50,000,000



50,000,001 and above





ROBO CALL (Automated Voice Call)

This service is a specialized mobile-based campaign tool which uses cutting-edge technology to spread information to a select target audience. The application is programmed to call selected phone numbers at a scheduled time and voice recording reels out the intended information to the respondents. The message is usually not more than a minute in length.

Example: A mobile phone user’s phone rings, He/She answers the call and a pre-recorded message in your own voice is played to the hearing of the called party…

‘Hello, I am ….. , vote for me in the 2019 gubernatorial election…I will not let you down


You can incorporate the local language in your messages. This will bring you closer to the people and help you ensure everyone gets your message.

Our phone number database is the most updated in the country!  We can arrange for a demo to prove this if required.

You can also campaign for your candidate and gain state-wise publicity by sponsoring a robo call to everyone in the state or LGA on behalf of your candidate!

E.G: ‘Hello, I am Honorable Chima Njoku. The long night is over and it is time for the sun to rise again in Imo state. Vote for His Excellency ………. at the 2019 gubernatorial election and continue to reap the fruits of good governance. At this point in our political history we must get it right. I repeat… We must get it right!


We will advertise your political campaign through Robo Call at a flat rate of N1 per second. However we offer discount for higher purchase.


From 10 million VOICE-SMS units and above, call us for negotiation on 08138458108.

As for the robo call, we will be the one to send it for you and your political party.

We send from 10,000 units and above.

**We can also provide National Coverage for the current four largest networks in Nigeria

(MTN and AIRTEL, GLO AND ETISALAT) if required.




Facebook and Social Media Campaign

Facebook is a very popular website that has the largest number of Nigerian members on the Internet. Every who-is-who in Nigeria is a member of Facebook (including the President!). There are over 15 million Nigerians on Facebook.

Political parties and candidates now advertise on Facebook  and Social Media because you can reach millions of Nigerians at once.

Since Facebook has the full contact details of each user which include State of origin and State of residence, we can help target your political campaign to any group of people base on their State of Origin/Residence and also base on their Gender, Age bracket, Tribe, Religion, occupation etc....

Let millions of Nigeria Facebook users in any state know about your political campaign. Also get your Political Posters, Pictures, Audio and Video seen by thousands/millions people on facebook and in other social media platforms.

The political advert will run on Facebook using a tool called Facebook Sponsored Features. Which means that your political adverts will be reaching out to thousands or millions of your preferred target Facebook users by showing up on their News Feed/Timeline.

Facebook has the details of each user which enable them to target your political campaign to any particular set of people in Nigeria. This is a great method to reach out to people and also to the youths in any location because the youths are very active on social media.


The advert cost is very affordable and the result is very high.


Cost of each of our social media services

N5 per Reach (Facebook)

N10 per Reach (InstaGram)

Minimum of 10,000 reach for social media ads.


We can also create an Intro Video about your political campaign and upload it on YouTube and 10 video submission websites.

We charge extra cost for other services such as Video Creation and publishing, writing posts/articles, fan page design, multiple social media sites accounts setup, social media account monitoring, editing and deleting unwanted comments etc....

To get your political adverts running on Facebook and other social media platforms, contact us today and smile to victory.



218 Ijesha Road, Surulere, Lagos State.

08138458108, 08022845523